Fun & Creative Ideas for Group Halloween Costumes

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Going out to Halloween parties alone or with a friend is fun. It is great when you go out with a group of friends. What is even great is when your friends and you resolve to go as a group and dress with a theme or even get together a generate a group Halloween costume. The idea of a group Halloween costume has been nearby for a long time. It is easy to generate and you have so much more diversity than if you created the Halloween costume yourself. If you don't have any ideas here are a few to help you get those creative juices flowing.

The Fallopian Swim Team is an easy costume and funny if you act it out. Each man in your group should put on a white swimming cap. They should paint their face white using theatrical paint or makeup. A pair of swim goggles should be worn. You can use whether white or black goggles, but black makes them stand out better.

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Everyone should have on a white body suit. If you haven't figured out yet, your group Halloween costumes will recite sperm swimming up the fallopian tubes. For the sperms tail you can use paper Mache or a long white tube sock stuffed with toilet paper. Each man in your group will have a runner's amount like you see at marathon races.

Fun & Creative Ideas for Group Halloween Costumes

If you are going to use this costume for a costume contest you might want to do some pantomime to go with it. Your group can stand together and pretend like they are swimming. A giant egg would be a good prop for the contest or a sign well telling the audience what you are representing. This is hilarious and even if you do not win, the fallopian swim team group Halloween costume will be a hit.

If you and your friends resolve on a group theme for your group Halloween costumes, you have a plethora of choices to pick from. Some popular group themes are rock bands. Kiss, The Beatles, Zz Top, and other bands that have a recognizable look about them are fun to dress up as and a great way to win costume contests.

In the contest you might want to have the bands music playing in the background and do a minute air guitar. If you want to take the rock genre one step further, your group Halloween costumes can recite dead rock stars. Jimmy Hendrix, Elvis Presley, Janis Joplin, and Elvis Costello can be represented in your group. Throw a minute gruesomeness into the mix by maybe having a toilet seat nearby Elvis Presley's neck and toilet paper being trailed from his pants. Jimmy Hendrix could have fake vomit all over his shirt, and you could adorn Janis Joplin with empty pill containers and empty alcohol bottles.

Remember it is Halloween and bad taste is allowed. Your imagination is the limit if you well think of all the group themes out there that exist. You could go as gargantuan survivors, the cast of Gilligan's Island, the Brady Bunch, or the Munsters.

Fun & Creative Ideas for Group Halloween Costumes

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