Pan Am Flight Attendant Costume: Best Halloween Costume

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A Pan Am Flight Attendant costume is a great choice for Halloween. There are a variety of Pan Am costumes available and in a variety of colors. Either you want a costume that's short or long, or pink or black, there is one out there for you. Don't worry about these costumes being too revealing: while there are fullness of sexy costumes out there, modest Pan Am costumes can be found, too.

The Basics
The core of the costume starts with the flight attendant uniform. You can Either go with a typical suit that can be purchased at any division store, or you can purchase a costume specifically for a flight attendant. The most beloved choices are navy or black, however, you can go with a color a limited more eye-catching and unique like pink or red.

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Flight Attendant Accessories
Once you have the basic pieces picked out, you'll need to accessorize. The typical accessories that complement a Pan Am flight attendant costume are:
Neck Scarf Hat Flight Attendant pin

Pan Am Flight Attendant Costume: Best Halloween Costume

The neck scarf is usually a uncomplicated fabrication and often sheer. beloved color choices are red or navy; the scarf is typically tied once colse to the neck.

The Pan Am hat is a pill box style, meaning that it fits very close to the head and is sturdy. The color often matches the color of the main dress or suit, however, you can difference this color if you'd like it to stand out.

No Pan Am Flight Attendant costume is complete without a "wings" pin. While not often seen on today's stewardesses, they used to always wear a winged pin. Since the Pan Am costume replicates a stewardess from the 1960s, this pin is considerable to complete the outfit.

A variety of shoes can be worn with this costume. beloved styles are boots that reach to the calf or even past the knee, however, this look is not for the modest! Those wanting a more demure look can wear a low heel or even flats. The shoe color is usually matched to the costume. If white hose are being worn, then white shoes are also acceptable.

A 1960s hairstyle must be worn to complete the costume. Typical styles are worn large and voluminous, such as the bouffant. If that style is too complicated to wear, a uncomplicated ponytail or bun can complete the look easily. Use pins to keep the hair in place; it's helpful to pin your hat to the hair, as well.

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Pan Am Flight Attendant Costume: Best Halloween Costume

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