Mexican Fancy Dress For Women - 3 Costume Ideas For All You Budding Senoritas Out There

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At Wild West themed parties, a good alternative to Cowboy and Indian costumes are the wide range of Mexican fancy dress outfits that are currently available. In singular Mexican outfits for women are becoming more and more popular.

Depending on the type of character you wish to portray at the party, there are all dissimilar types of ladies Mexican fancy dress costumes to choose from. Below are my personal favourite costume ideas for all you budding senoritas out there.

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Idea 1: excellent Mexican outfit

Mexican Fancy Dress For Women - 3 Costume Ideas For All You Budding Senoritas Out There

The excellent Mexican outfit for ladies commonly consists of a suede crop top and skirt, a neck bandana and of procedure a big sombrero. Depending on how authentic you wish your outfit to be, you may want to reconsider purchasing some brown Western boots, which indeed will add that tiny extra something to your costume.

If you settle that you want to play at being a female Mexican bandit, then you will also need to get some extra accessories to help transform your costume. I propose getting both a pair of holstered toy guns and a fake bullet belt, to be worn over the shoulder.

Idea 2: Novelty sexy shooter

If you are looking more for a fun type of outfit rather than a realistic looking one, then a great novelty take on Mexican fancy dress for women has got to be the sexy shooter type of costume. These tequila girl costumes commonly consist of a mini dress, sometimes in the Mexican colours, and a belt with a bottle holder and some glass holder loops with shot glasses in them.

A woman in a mini dress with booze is always going to go down well at any party, but make sure you have a sombrero and Wild West style boots to help faultless the look.

Idea 3: Sultry senorita costume

Perhaps, instead of a novelty outfit, you would prefer to go to the party in a more sophisticated looking costume. The sultry senorita look commonly consists of a halter lace dress with a lace shawl and is far more favorable for the mature ladies surrounded by you, who may wish to appear more elegant than downright sexy.

This is my personal favourite type of Mexican fancy dress for women. Remember that there are some great tiny finishing touches that you can add to faultless this outfit, along with large black false eyelashes and a black lace fan, to cool you down at the party.

Mexican Fancy Dress For Women - 3 Costume Ideas For All You Budding Senoritas Out There

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