Costumes Ideas For Halloween

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Halloween dates back all the way to the 16th century when citizen were trick or treating. Here we are in 2011 and Halloween is still filled with fun and candy for everyone. It's the time of the year to dress up and go to parties, costume parties, costume contest and much more. Sometimes we will block off the whole street with barricades and cops so we can have a Halloween block party. We all get together because it's a tradition for every person to do that. All the microscopic kids walk up and down the street to each house to get candy and show off their new costume. It's a safer way to trick or treat because you know where the candy is coming from. All the adults are dressed up as well and they are all having fun drinking beer telling old stories from when they were kids. If we're not doing a Halloween party, then we all get together and all go to haunted houses in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. citizen even buy costumes to work in haunted houses every year when Halloween comes around. When you go to a haunted house you we see all types of costumes and mask. There's a lot of places to buy or rent costumes that you would see in a haunted house. Costumes range from small all the way up to plus sizes. So if your stuck on what to wear or be for Halloween then just stick with me and i will guide you to the right costume that fit your needs.

Costume Ideas

All Halloween Costumes

Michael Myers from the movie Halloween with a blue jump suit and a fake knife
Freddy Kruger with the stripped shirt and the sharp knife fingers
Old Green Witch with the black hat and long dress
Jason with the hockey mask and chainsaw
Scary clown with crazy color clothes and a wig
Bucktooth bubba with coveralls and a truckers hat
Leather face from the movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Hell raiser with the black cape and the fake chains
And much much more

Costumes Ideas For Halloween

When it comes down to it you will be ready for Halloween and be showing off your new costume or mask which ever you select to wear. Anything you do please have fun and be safe. If you resolve to have a block party please still check your kids candy to make sure it wasn't open.

Costumes Ideas For Halloween

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