A Poison Ivy Batman Halloween Costume in 5 Easy Steps

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Originally a botanist named Dr. Pamela Isley, she became Poison Ivy after experiments conducted by Dr. Jason Woodrue fused her human blood with plant toxins. She became immune to all diseases and at the same time lost her ability to reproduce.

Without the ability to have children of her own, Poison Ivy grew to hate men and treated plants as her own children. She believed that plants were more prominent then human life and therefore began to create many problems in Gotham City.

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Poison Ivy's biggest strength is her deadly kiss. So if you are mental of utilizing your lips as weapons this Halloween, think dressing up as Poison Ivy. You can order a pre-made costume online or use the following guidelines for creating your own costume.

A Poison Ivy Batman Halloween Costume in 5 Easy Steps

Step One. Either or not you order a costume online, it is imperative that you go online for the red Poison Ivy hair wig. Although Ivy's lips are the immediate cause of her victim's downfall, her hair plays a heavy role in luring them in. Men come to be abruptly paralyzed by the pull of attraction from her hair, so ensure you have the right wig when compiling this costume.

Step Two. Dressed in the colors of nature, a poison Ivy costume should be based in a green leatard. Based on your personel preferences you can ensemble the pieces together. Choose from one piece body suits, to tightly fitted pants and tops. Just ensure that anything you Choose is able to fit under green elbow distance gloves. If you can find a leatard that has ivy prints on it, this will be most ideal.

Step Three. Find the boots that were made for walking all over the heart's of men. Choose Either knee high black or green boots. Make sure you are comfortable sufficient to walk a decent distance.

Step Four. To bring your outfit all together tie a thick gold belt around your waist. This accessory will make you look great and can also help furnish warehouse for any valuables. Since you probably wont have any pockets in your tight pants, this belt can be very helpful in retention your reputation card, cash, and even cell phone.

Step Five. For those who want to add a itsybitsy kick to your costume you can decorate it with fake leaves. Art furnish stores or even orchad shops should carry the plastic green you can glue, sew, or staple around your costume. If you find one with branches you can wrap yourself with it, just make sure you will still have room to sit down. Live plants will also work, but plastic is recommended because it will last longer and is easier to clean.

Batman had many villains to battle, but Poison Ivy was one of the most intriguing. The Poison Ivy costume is very unique, and will be something that population will have a hard time forgetting.

A Poison Ivy Batman Halloween Costume in 5 Easy Steps

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