Halloween Costume security Tips

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Every year the end of October brings frivolous food, fright and fun to children of all ages. And every year it's the same query at the starting of October, "What is my Halloween Costume going to be this year?" But often times, what October fails to bring, is protection facts for the whole celebratory Halloween day. The facts is out there, don't get me wrong, but you have to "look for it" - and most invincible trick-or-treaters feel that protection facts is not requisite for them. However, protection facts (whether it is costume safety, pedestrian safety, or treat safety) is requisite for All trick-or-treaters if they want to return home the exact same way they left - except with a big bag full of candy.

Listed below are the Halloween Costumes protection Tips that will help ensure a safe Halloween:

All Halloween Costumes

- Be sure the costume is light and attractive enough to be clearly illustrated to vehicles and other passers-by.

Halloween Costume security Tips

- For greater visibility, you can add reflective tape in a ornamental way to the costume. You can also add this same reflective tape to the bag that is to collect all of the candy.

- Have your child carry a flashlight to be seen easily

- Halloween Costumes should not be so long that the child could trip and fall over it.

- Halloween Costumes should contain sturdy shoes. It's not a good idea for your child who is dressing up as Marilyn Monroe to be walking about in your high heels.

- Hats and scarves should be tied tight enough that they do not come loose and fall in children's face or drag the ground where they could trip and fall.

- A natural mask made of make-up is best if you are concerned with a loose fitting mask that may restrict a child's breathing. If you use a make-up mask be sure you use non-toxic and hypoallergenic makeup.

- Make sure your Ninja is not carrying a fake sword that is sharp! All swords, knives etc should be soft and flexible.

- Make sure the Halloween costume is made from flame retardant material.

- Make sure all Halloween costumes wigs and accessories are labeled flame retardant

- Make sure your child knows your home phone number and 9-1-1.

- Review with your children the principle of "Stop-Drop-Roll" in the event that the costume catches fire.

- It's best for the child to walk door to door instead or rollerblade, bicycle or skate board.

The Cpsc has a Halloween Safety: protection Alert that it puts out annually. In addition, there are many websites and local papers that list in information how to have a fun and safe Fright Night!

Halloween costumes protection is the one that is neglected the most by parents. Parents lecture their children about going up to strange looking houses and they lecture about eating treats that look peculiar or haven't yet been inspected by an adult. But they rarely lecture or concern themselves with costume protection before sending their high-priced puny one out with all of the other goblins.

Halloween Costume security Tips

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