Twilight Halloween Costumes For Alice Cullen, Edward Cullen and Bella Swan

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Twilight Halloween costumes are here for all you Alice and Edward Cullen fans. You can also find a Bella costume and they are just in time for all those Halloween costume parties your going to!

Alice, Bella and Edward are three of the most popular characters in the Twilight Saga. These costumes are perfect for all you dazzled and obsessed Stephenie Meyer fans out there. This breathtaking Saga has thrilled readers the world over with the intense Vampire and Human love story between Bella and Edward.

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With the popularity of the Twilight Saga and the issue of New Moon due in November, these Cullen and Bella Swan costumes are going to be very popular. Alice, her brother Edward and Bella are three of the main characters in the Twilight books.

Twilight Halloween Costumes For Alice Cullen, Edward Cullen and Bella Swan

Just imagine the look on everyone's face when you walk into that costume party this Halloween. When habitancy see your Alice costume or your Bella costume, they are going to be so surprised. Not every person knows where to find a good looking costume for these popular characters. Of course, if your a guy, all the girls are going to be checking you out when they see you come in dressed up as Edward Cullen! Make a couples costume out of them. You can go as brother and sister using Alice and Edward costumes, go as boyfriend and girlfriend using Bella and Edward costumes, or just dress up like Alice and Bella and have a girl's night out!

You can find lots of other Twilight stuff you can buy along with the costumes. There are party supplies with Bella, Edward, Jacob and the rest of the Cullen clan on them. There are New Moon Tee shirts, bracelets, jewelry and even Bella's birthday dress. How about using Edward to protect you from the rain? There is an umbrella with Edward Cullen on it. Wait until you see are going to want them all! The Bella costume is indeed her New Moon birthday dress. It is not cheap, but it is indeed nice.

Take a look at the accumulator dolls. Yes, there are New Moon Edward, Jacob and Bella dolls and you can pre-order the New Moon soundtrack...and that is on sale. You can even find the books, but most habitancy I know who are obsessed with this romance already own a copy. In fact, there are many sale items, so be sure to window shop and look at all the Cullen jewelry, puzzles, backpacks and even bedding. Wow, you could have an entire room full of Twilight stuff!

But first things first, the costumes. Halloween is less than a month away. It's time to get those Twilight Halloween costumes you've been looking for.

Twilight Halloween Costumes For Alice Cullen, Edward Cullen and Bella Swan

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