Cool Halloween Costume Ideas For Teachers

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Many schools concentrate extra activities into the curriculum around the end of October to have fun with Halloween. Whether hallway costume parade, fall festival, or Halloween party, teachers should get in on the costume fun along with their students. But, sometimes coming up with a great costume idea that fits a teacher's budget, will be a hit with the students and won't interfere with working straight through the day can be a big challenge. Here are some cool Halloween costume ideas for teachers that score an A+.

Storybook Characters: A good quantum of school is devoted to reading, so why not concentrate a book into your Halloween costume? Come dressed as a current day favorite or long-time favorite storybook character and watch the children's faces light up in glee. Younger elementary children will love to see you dressed up as a character that's helping them learn to read such as the Cat and the Hat or one of the many favorite fairytale characters. Older kids will appreciate looking you as a character from other favorite books such as Junie B. Jones, Ms. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus or a professor from Harry Potter such as Dumbledore. Snape or Hagrid. In high school, bring literary legends, such as Shakespeare, to life by dressing up as a timeless character from one of the classics.

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Science Stuff: Science class always makes a great venue for Halloween teacher costumes. Dress up as a mad scientist with wild hair and a lab coat, a planet from the solar system, a giant frog labeled for dissection or a life-sized skeleton. If you are easily creative, a unique teacher costume for science class is to dress as a seashore of Dna. Wear a black sweat suit that you have attached with a helix of Dna made from colorful pipe cleaners and fuzzy pom-poms.

Cool Halloween Costume Ideas For Teachers

Role Swapping: Turning the tables from teacher to pupil is always a fun joke. You can come dressed as the head cheerleader, football player, loveable computer nerd, or any other approved clique at your school. The kids will get a kick out of looking you make a fool out of yourself and these costumes are easy to put together from your school's spirit shop or an online costume shop.

Remember that teacher costumes should always uphold the standards of being a role model for the children. Succeed the rules and conduct for dressing that is incredible by the school and never wear anything inappropriate. For example, sexy costumes or especially gory and scary costumes would not be approved for teacher costumes. A good rule of thumb is that if you have any examine at all about the outfit's appropriateness, even the slightest of concerns, it is best left at home. Instead, opt for a Halloween costume that would be rated G by everyone.

Cool Halloween Costume Ideas For Teachers

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