Cute Halloween Costume Ideas For Twins

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Finding matching costumes for twins can be a challenge either Halloween is six days away or six months away. If you're frantically trying to find ideas for costumes, slow down, take a deep breath, and relax. Costume ideas are easier to come by than you might think, and sometimes costumes for twins come together with hardly any work at all. Twin costumes can be drawn from more obscure characters because there are two people, and often times having two costumes from a similar movie or show makes the characters more recognizable. Here are a few strategies for picking out cute costumes for twins.

Sibling Based Characters
Some characters seem like they were made to be turned into costumes for twins. There are any examples that get repeated often like Thing 1 and Thing 2 from The Cat and the Hat. These costumes are easy to make and don't need more than two red jumpsuits and some blue wigs or hats. Other good ideas comprise characters who are similar in age, like Hansel and Gretel or Tommy and Chuckie from The Rugrats Tv show. Both of these pairs are easy to duplicate.

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Dynamic Duos
Everyone knows Batman and Robin, or Rocky and Bullwinkle. Superhero pairs or sublime duos from Tv make great costumes for twins. These costumes look their best when the two characters dress up together. As with most costumes for young people, the details aren't foremost when making a costume. Instead, try and focus on one foremost part of the costume. For a Batman costume, plainly find a black top and a black bottom and add the signature Bat symbol. This keeps the cost down while still providing a recognizable look. Other good ideas for twin's costumes comprise Woody and Buzz from Toy Story, Disney Prince and Princesses (like Aladdin and Jasmine), Winnie the Pooh and Tigger, and Calvin and Hobbes.

Cute Halloween Costume Ideas For Twins

If you are feeling adventurous, you can also pair a sublime hero with a villain. Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, Harry Potter and Voldemort, and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are all recognizable heroes and villains.

Animal Pairs
Animal costumes are great for twins, and there are two main ways to go about selecting the excellent pair. Male and female animal costumes are ordinarily easy to make and have only one or two distinguishing characteristics. For instance, a male lion costume is the same as a female lion costume except that the male lion has a mane. You can also distinguish the animals with a microscopic feminine touch, like a pink bow for the female and a blue tie for the male. This way you can minimize the cost of making the costumes by purchasing two same outfits.

There are other sublime animal pairs that can be used if you don't want to make each costume stand out more. There are any animals that have been paired in sublime stories, like an elephant and a mouse, or a fox and a hound, and there are also animals that plainly fit well together. These animals comprise things like a caterpillar and a butterfly, and a shark and a fish. You can also pair animals with inanimate objects like a monkey and a banana or a termite and some wood.

Funny Objects
Most object interact with other objects regularly, and pairing them together to make a costume can be not only funny, but also highly original. Things like a pen and paper, or a hot dog and a bun are ordinarily associated as one object, but they can absolutely be broken into two for twin's costumes. Other bonus of going of basing your costumes off of objects is that they are often easy to double without much work.

To make the pen and paper costume, you only need a few pieces of fabric and some blank clothing to sew onto. Cut out two flat pieces of white fabric for the paper costume, and sew them together to make a piece of paper. You can add scribbles or lines on top of the paper if you want to add more detail. Be sure to leave the bottom open so that wearer can put the costume on. To make a pen, start with sweatpants and a top that are matching colors. The simplest color to work with is white. Sew on a few letters, Bic is short and gets the point across, and add a black hat with a "tail" for the part of the cap that holds the pen in your pocket.

Few characters, or objects for that matter, exist solely on their own. Roughly any book, movie, Tv show or even household object has a pair to go along with it. The trick to finding a good costume isn't to find something that man else hasn't done, but to add your own microscopic touch to make the costume original. With a microscopic bit of thought, and a microscopic bit of work, you can have the excellent costumes for twins this Halloween.

Cute Halloween Costume Ideas For Twins

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