Make Your Own Rocky bad dream Columbia Costume This Halloween

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Rocky bad dream picture Show is right on one of my all time guilty pleasures - and it will also be the inspiration for my Halloween costume this year! For my current Rhps costume, for Halloween or otherwise, I have chosen to dress up as Columbia (Little Nell). Because I already have the right length hair, that'd part be pretty uncomplicated (hello hair dye, here I come!). Which made me conclude to share a few of my Columbia costume secrets with you here now - in case you'd like to generate your very own Columbia costume.

The shorts are the easiest part. Go to any regular clothing store and pick up pair of black bike shorts, then cut some ribbon of assorted colors to length, sewing them up the shorts, manufacture sure to use a zig-zag stitch (always use a zig-zag stitch on stretchy fabric so all things will stay where you put it).

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The top hat would be a small more difficult, of course. It seems like the easiest choice would be to buy a costume top hat (boo), or to find a top hat at the thrift store, and spend in a lot of glitter. Spray glue the top hat, roll evenly in the glitter, and tap it off - I'd do this a couple times of course, to make sure that there were no spots where the original color of the top hat showed through.

Make Your Own Rocky bad dream Columbia Costume This Halloween

After that comes the sequined top. I can hear the groans now - sequins can be a pain, but look at it once you're done - it's in effect gorgeous, and completely worth the effort. Tube tops are pretty easy to make too, and I'd stick with a stretchy knit base (probably with a four-way stretch) so that it would be less likely to move, and then sew in an extra band of elastic at the top in order to make sure that sucker in effect wasn't going anywhere. (This is especially leading if you're doing a stage yield like I once did - you don't want whatever to pop out during your tap dance or the lab scene with Eddie!)

And for the last part of a Columbia costume - the spirited blue socks. Frilly socks are pretty easy to come by in most sizes nowadays, but when I played Columbia, that wasn't the case, and I wasn't about to go out and buy a whole package of Rit dye just for one pair of socks! (And, to be honest, Rit dye scares the hell out of me.) So, here is what I did. couple blue, sugar free kool-aid and two cups of water in a small pot, adding to that a healthy splash of vinegar. Soak your new white frilly (cotton) socks in this solution, then wash by themselves on the polite cycle. Ta-da! Frilly blue socks.

Now, slip on a pair of tap shoes, and you are on your way to a great performance, or just a night on the town with friends. Advice - learn the tap dance from the movie, or at least the hat spinning trick - citizen in effect dig that and you'll be the hit of any party that you attend this year in your very own inventive and colorful Rocky bad dream Columbia costume! Have fun and Happy Halloween!

Make Your Own Rocky bad dream Columbia Costume This Halloween

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