Why Do population Wear Costumes on Halloween?

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Halloween, the spookiest time of the year, the one night of the year you can drive virtually anywhere in the United States and see tons of citizen in Halloween costumes. This leads us to the ever favorite question, why do citizen wear costumes on Halloween?

What most citizen do not know is that Halloween was created on the basis of All Saints eve or what was known to some as all souls day or of procedure All Hallows. Its origins are tracked back to the aged Celtic festival of Samhain. The American version of Halloween began in the early to mid 1800's, when many Irish immigrants made their way into America. By the late 1800's Halloween began its long path of tradition and its improvement into the festive day it is today.

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The tradition began as festivals were started, with citizen participating in season oriented games, harvesting season oriented foods, and of procedure celebrating in festive costumes. In some communities citizen would dress in costume and walk from home to home offering the treat of prayer for the souls of those who have passed.

Why Do population Wear Costumes on Halloween?

Over the years, Halloween began to evolve into the festive day it is today. It has come to be a annual tradition, and Halloween became the one time a year it is okay to dress in silly clothes no matter if it is a Monster or a storybook character.

Halloween is preponderant a little distinct by people. Some view the time of the year as an occasion let loose and have a little fun, while others do not celebrate it at all. But on any Halloween night it may seem that most do celebrate this holiday, especially families with kids, who of which have been the major beneficiaries of the Halloween. An hour walk straight through the town, dressed as their favorite characters, and when they complete, their buckets or bags are filled with tons of candy.

To understand why we wear costumes on Halloween, we must first identify where Halloween was created from. Now that we understand that, we can certainly look into the belief of tradition for the answer. Although some adults may do it just to let loose and have a little fun, But uncut we can thank the tradition of Halloween for why citizen wear costumes on Halloween.

Why Do population Wear Costumes on Halloween?

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