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Here’s the deal. If you {happen to be finding something because of this Halloween.

Rovio Angry Birds - Yellow Angry Bird Mask

Brand: Paper Magic

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Rovio Angry Birds - Yellow Angry Bird Mask Overview

Those pigs won't know what hit them when you wear this Angry Birds yellow fabric mask. The polyester mask is yellow and measures about 26" tall by 23" wide. The front features the characteristics of the Angry Bird, including big white eyes, angry red eyebrows and an open beak, as well as a black crest on the top of the head. The bottom of the mask has an opening for your head, while the mouth of the beak features a large hole for your face. A Velcro snap in the back allows for a snug fit. The mask is stuffed for a full and plump look. Pair up with our Angry Birds Red Bird mask and you'll be ready to unleash the mayhem on those nasty pigs.

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