Top Halloween Costumes - Twilight Vampire Costume Ideas

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Are you are wondering what are going to be the top Halloween costumes this year? It can be a bit tedious trying to form out what to wear for the Halloween festivities and even more difficult to get a costume for the kids. There have been so many huge movies recently that the choices we are faced with make it roughly impossible to decide. Don't despair, this report is here to give you a few ideas, and show you how to get one of the hotly tipped top 10 Halloween costumes to wow all your friends.

Halloween horror Themes are all the time beloved and these comprise monsters, vampires and werewolf costumes. They are all the time great fun and the information in many of the masks is incredible. Although you may be reasoning that you want to opt for something a but more up to date don't forget that the Twilight films have been phenomenally successful and have given new life to some of these perennial horror style Halloween themes.

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The Twilight movie Vampires are not your stereotypical vampires as we have all come to know and love. They have brought them more up to date and there is a very sexy vampire side to them now. Edward who is one of the main vampire characters has a very recognizable hairstyle and the Halloween costume creators have create a great copy of it! You could dress up in a full vampire costume or if you are on a slightly tight allocation you can find some precisely lifelike vampire teeth and vampire makeup kits at quite sensible prices.

Top Halloween Costumes - Twilight Vampire Costume Ideas

The Twilight Bella Vampire costume - Bella is the young girl that falls for the vampire charm of Edward and although she isn't a vampire at first when she does come to be one, once again she isn't the typical vampire that we ordinarily tend to see. Therefore if you want to theme your Halloween costume on the Twilight movies it will take a puny thought. Sexy long flowing dresses would help to originate the Twilight look. Some well applied vampire style makeup - which is basically a very pale ghostly look and a set of vampire fangs would get your Bella Twilight Vampire close to the main movie characters style.

It can be frustrating ending up with the same costume as somebody else. So anyone Halloween costume ideas you settle on, be sure to make them your own. Play colse to with the look a puny to put your mark on it. The Kids Halloween costumes have some great themes too, such as Toy Story and Shrek. Many of them are tipped to be top 10 Halloween costumes this year so be sure to order anyone is your "must have" costume early for it to be delivered in time for Halloween.

Top Halloween Costumes - Twilight Vampire Costume Ideas

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