traditional Halloween Costume Ideas

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You've been invited to the Halloween party of the year. Now the only examine is, what in the world are you going to wear?? You can't afford to go out and buy an illustrate costume, and you don't have the time (or the imagination) to put together something at home. Although dressing up in costume is indeed fun, looking a costume can be frustrating.

Of course, there's going to be the usual costumes choices that come to mind every year. You can be a ghost, or a vampire, or a gypsy. There's witches and hobos too. These seem to be the costumes that everybody thinks of first, or maybe they're just the ones the Halloween shop tend to stock up on.

All Halloween Costumes

Some people, in an effort to be different, will show up in some indeed outrageous ensembles that have nothing at all to do with Halloween. Their costume will be too controversial or too daring, all in an effort to be noticed. These costumes commonly take a lot of courage to carry off, and most of us would be too uncomfortable trying something like that.

traditional Halloween Costume Ideas

So what would be a unique Halloween costume idea? Try taking what would be a predictable costume and add a twist! Do something that draws people's attention, and hopefully a few laughs, and will be a great conversation starter. For example, you can take a usual vampire costume and pair it up with some silly golfing pants, golfing shoes and a golf club! Tell everybody it was your day off and you like to play golf in between bouts of blood sucking.

If there's a group of you going, coordinate your costumes! Dress up like a house of  fun loving, country "rednecks"  and bring your own theme music! Dance and "yeehaw!" your way into the party. Bring your own lawn chairs! Be the Adams house and ham it up with each other, a sure way to get some laughs. There's a lot of group costume ideas that are fun and easy if you just put a little opinion into it.

What if you get a last little request and you're indeed short on time? Unless you have an crisis costume stash in your closet, you probably think there's no way you can get a unique halloween costume idea in that short of time. But you can! Just select a funny prop to wear if you can't get together an whole costume. For example, you can wear a hat that has clumps of cotton balls hanging from the brim. Walk nearby the party with "your head in the clouds".

You can turn an average, base costume into something unique with just a little imagination and very little cost.  Just adding a small twist can indeed get some conversations started! Have fun with it and you'll be sure to get some laughs and be the talk of the party! Happy Halloween!

traditional Halloween Costume Ideas

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