How To manufacture Your Own Halloween Costume

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Designing your own Halloween costume can be easier than you might think. All it takes is a minuscule time and some imagination. Start by choosing exactly what you would like to be for Halloween. Once you have made this decision your next step would be to secure the indispensable materials to build the exquisite costume. Be sure and allow yourself adequate time to work on the costume, that way if you end up missing an leading item you still have time to go out and pick it up. Waiting for the last minuscule is not a good idea.

Angel - For an angel costume you would need some white material for the body of the outfit. You can buy some thin, easy to work with wire from most any craft branch store. Use this to build the halo that fits perfectly around your head. Also, pipe cleaners can be used for this. Dress it up by using lace or some type of silky material to sew around as a covering. Some white or gold color material would look exquisite for the angel's wings. Sew some wire through the edges of the wings to help them stand out.

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Witch - Have you always wanted to be a witch for Halloween? If so, you plainly start by purchasing the black material. Just sew a simple pull over dress then use a belt to pull it tight around your waist. You can either buy a black belt or sew one from left over material. Cut the bottom in a zigzag to add a touch of flare, add some black boots, an old broom for a prop and of course, the pointed black hat. If you want to make the hat yourself you can do so by using cardboard to form the wide brim pointy build and glue the black cloth to the outer outside of the cardboard.

How To manufacture Your Own Halloween Costume

Animal - perhaps a cute minuscule animal such as a cat, dog or even an adorable minuscule bunny is more what you are finding for. Pipe cleaners sewed to a strap for support make fantastic whiskers, or just use a makeup pencil to color them on. Ears can be made by sewing together material with just adequate stuffing to give them shape and body. Sewing wire along the edges of the ears will allow them to be shaped into different positions. To make a tail for a cat or dog you plainly need to cut out and sew together a piece of material the spoton length. Next, add the stuffing to give it the depth it needs then sew it onto the rest of the costume. A big ball of cotton glued onto a bunny outfit makes a exquisite Peter Cotton Tail.

How To manufacture Your Own Halloween Costume

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