How to Make a Taco Costume

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If you like to make your own costumes on Halloween and get creative, then here is a great idea for you. A taco costume is easy to institute with just a few easy to get materials, and it will not take much time.

Not only is this costume hilarious, it is also unique so you will not have to worry about showing up to party in the same costume as somebody else.

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People will appreciate your originality and creativity when you show up to a party in this costume. Besides Halloween, it works great for Cinco de Mayo and other Mexican themed festivities, or just any costume party you may have been invited to throughout the year.

How to Make a Taco Costume

To get this costume together, you will need a foam mattress pad, scissors, glue or tape, different colored construction paper, and brown clothing.

First, you need to cut out the foam mattress pad so that it looks like a taco shell. This is a lot easier than it sounds because all you need to do is round the corners so that they are no longer square. When you fold it in half, you will have your taco shell. It will be a lot easier to get a mattress pad that is already a yellow or tan color. If not, you may want to paint it yellow, but that can be messy. I advise that you search for the right color from the beginning.

Now you need to cut out arm holes in the mattress pad so that you can wear the shell nearby your body. You are going to wear dark brown clothing so that you make up the meat inside the shell. Make the holes wherever you want them so the shell is oriented the way you want. You can have the shell fold nearby your back or one side of you depending on how you feel comfortable.

Finally, you need to cut out the taco toppings out of the construction paper to glue or tape them to your clothing. Make long green and yellow strips to be the lettuce and cheese, and red squares for diced tomatoes. Get creative and put anything toppings you want on. You can cut out olives, guacamole, and sour cream if you like.

One extra thing you may want to do is to buy a cheap sombrero at a party store. This will go great with the costume and give it a more faultless look. People will crack up when they spot you dressed up as a taco and wearing a festive sombrero.

How to Make a Taco Costume

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