The Most popular Kids Halloween Costumes

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Halloween is a time that is loved by people of all ages, but most of all by children. It is the one time every year that kids can dress up in whatever that their imagination comes up with, whether they were seen on Tv, in the movies or naturally conjured up on their own. If you are wondering just what the most popular kids Halloween costumes are this year, here is a list of the top outfits on everyone's list.

Ideas for Girls

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There are a large amount of costumes that hit the top of the list for girls. whether you have a daughter that loves everything pink and meant for girls or a kid that is into superheroes and villains, there is a excellent choice for every girl on the list.

The Most popular Kids Halloween Costumes

Witches - If you cringe at the opinion of your daughter dressing up as a witch this Halloween, you will quickly change your mind. There are a large range of witch outfits available together with sweet witches with pretty dresses and cute hats, glamorous witches with long dresses and whimsical feathers and magical witches that are the excellent aggregate of all of the witches around.

Superheroes - There is nothing that says girls cannot be super heroes too. There are a range of female heroes that make the excellent choice for girls. whether your daughter wants to be one of the female characters in the Avengers such as Black Widow or she wants to stick with the pink theme and rehearse the Pink Power Ranger, there are the many excellent popular Halloween costumes for kids that girls will love.

Occupations - Girls of all ages love to dress up and role play and there is no best way to do that than with occupational costumes. whether your daughter wants to be a vet, a physician or even dress up as a race car driver like Danica Patrick, she will find a large range available to choose from.

Ideas for Boys

Boys have a large list of popular kids Halloween costumes as well, some of which are the usual superheroes, but you will also find choices that are new to the list this year but are sure to be very popular.

Avengers - The movie was hot this year and so are the costumes. Boys have a large range of Avengers to choose from together with Hulk, Thor, Captain America and Iron Man to name a few of the most popular.

Pirates - Pirates have always topped the list of popular Halloween costumes for kids, but this year they are taking it up a notch. The Jack Sparrow Pirate is high on the list of many boys this Halloween. Boys love to be able to wear the authentic pirate outfit and even the exact hair that Jack Sparrow had in the movie.

Star Wars - Star Wars outfits are an additional one kind that has topped the charts year after year and this year is no exception. Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and Anakin are all back and best than ever this year, giving boys of all ages something to be excited about.

Tried and True Classics

The superior characters such as clowns, animals, princesses, firemen and historical characters also remain on the list of popular kids Halloween costumes this year, production it possible for kids of all ages to truly succeed their dreams and dress up in any costume that excites them this year.

The Most popular Kids Halloween Costumes

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