Why Do We Wear Scary Halloween Costumes?

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Halloween is a traditional celebration observed on October 31 where population wear scary Halloween costumes. This has been associated by history as part of a Celtic festival Samhain which is derived from an old Irish word which means "summers end".

The Samhain festival is a celebration of the end of the "lighter half" and the starting of the "darker half" which is regarded as the Celtic new year. They believed that at this time of the year the border of our world and the otherworld is thin which would be potential for spirits that are harmful and harmless to pass straight through seeking a place in our world.

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The celebration includes dressing up as harmful spirits in order to avoid harm which lead to the trust that by wearing masks and costumes the harmful or bad spirits are warded off.

Why Do We Wear Scary Halloween Costumes?

Wearing costumes became beloved in the United States in the early 1900's, both for children and adults. When trick or treating became beloved during the 1930's the first mass produced Halloween costumes sold in stores.

Nowadays trick or treating is a annual tradition. This is done at twilight time with kids wearing different scary Halloween costumes or any type of costume. Children go from one house to another house asking the owner the phrase "trick or treat?" If trick is the answer, then expect a trick played on you, if the retort is treat, you must give out candies or goodies to every child at your doorstep.

The origin of trick or treating began in the middle ages. This tradition was practiced before or during All Souls Day where poor population or families went door to door asking for food in change for prayers for the dead.

The tradition of "trick or treating" began in the United States when a newspaper in North America wrote an description that stated it was normal for European kids to do this tradition between the hours of 6 pm and 7 pm. This made kids in America put on costumes, visit shops and neighbors asking for candies and other treats in change for their songs and rhyme.

In Scotland there is a tradition that began in the middle ages called "guising," which is a tradition sublime by children wearing different costumes and disguises...performing a different trick at every house they visit in order to receive treats. These tricks are ordinarily in a form of singing, a poem or a funny joke which a child memorizes before setting up.

In closing the custom of Halloween in America is a mix of the Celtic and Scottish tradition of wearing scary Halloween costumes and disguises while trick or treating.

Why Do We Wear Scary Halloween Costumes?

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