Fear Factor Parties

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My daughter wanted to have a fear factor birthday party. I researched and planned and we came up with very creative ideas. At the last moment (of course), she changed her mind and notion it would be "too scary" for her, so we decided a hula party would be more appropriate. However, the ideas we came up with together were too good to not share!

Gross Out Game: You can't have a fear factor party without production them eat something disgusting. However, if you don't want kids puking on your back porch, there are many things you can integrate to make them "think" it's precisely something gross.

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Setup: Place all of your items on plates and cover them with linen napkins. Place a tag in front of each item corresponding to a number. Comprise name tags on the plates labeled kitty litter, pig blood, etc.

Fear Factor Parties

Game: Break out into 2 teams. Have each player roll the dice and delineate the plate they must eat. Set a timer for 1 little and they must close as much as they can. The group who ate the most wins!

Ideas to make are:

Chocolate covered slugs- green beans dipped in chocolate

Kitty Litter - cake made to look like kitty litter

Goat eyeballs - peeled grapes

Baby poop- chocolate pudding in a new diaper. Make sure you have lots of paper towels for their faces

Baby pee- soak a diaper in Mountain Dew. Squeeze it in a glass in front of the kids for effect. Make them drink it.

Night Crawlers- sour worms dipped in honey and crushed oreos

Snot - pistachio pudding

Cow Brains - chicken dumplings mixed with red food coloring, blue food coloring and 1 cup of corn syrup

Pig blood - V8 juice and bits of bacon bits

Chocolate covered ants - chocolate covered slivered almonds

Baby puke - baby food spinach

Pet Rat - gummy rat dipped in white chocolate. You can find other bug candy at http://www.insectcandy.com

For kids more daring: Real chocolate covered bugs - real crickets and meal worms in chocolate!

Chicken feet - you can find them at any Asian food store

Sardines - put on a platter of seaweed for effect

Vegemite - unless your Australian, this stuff tastes gross!

Head cheese, oysters, tofu, fish eggs, tongue, liver - other great treats!

Other great games

Cat vs dog - line up 2 teams. Place 1 dog bowl and 1 cat bowl 20 feet away from the start line. Give each team a sack of dry dog food or cat food. The object of the game is to have the kids stick their heads inside the sack, pick up the food into their mouths or a spoon depending upon your ease level and run to the other side and spit the food out into the bowl within 5 minutes. Whoever has the most food in the bowl wins!

Cricket catch - You can buy crickets at any pet store. In fish tank with a lid put the crickets inside with yellow flags. Take turns pulling the flags out of the tank. If a cricket escapes, the player must catch the cricket and put it back into the tank before they can catch the flag.

Obstacle course- you can create any type of obstacle policy in your backyard. Use things colse to your house like the swing-set, the lowest of the pool, and up a tree Attach yellow flags with Velcro at points with numbers. This event is best for one child at a time - so whether pick a leader or take turns.

What's in the box? buy 2 or 3 a box with a latch and a few padlocks. Inside one of the boxes place a yellow flag and lock it. Put a rubber snakes inside the other boxes and collect with a padlock. Set the keys aside to the "snake" boxes" but keep the "flag" box key. Inside a pail mix cooked noodles, coffee grounds, oil, and water. Mix together until nice and runny. collect as many keys as you can find. Toss the key to the "flag box" and the other miscellaneous keys inside the bucket. The object of the game is to dig inside the gooey pail to find the strict key to the strict box. Make sure you have a spare set of keys to the "flag" box just in case.

Decorations and Party gifts

Party market sometimes carry fear factor party kits. These regularly Comprise fear factor tape, decorations, yellow and black balloons. If your on a funds or can't find the party kits you can always use separate accents of yellow and black, caution tape and plastic bugs taped on the door or hallway.

For party gifts the candy storehouse makes great fear factor candy. Yellow and black bags secured with ribbon and bugs is an inexpensive way to give the kids the creeps. You can also give each child a certificate stating "I survived... Fear Factor party!" The best way to individually create certificates is to use any Microsoft schedule (I advise Ms Publisher) and the fear factor logo.

I'm sure the kids and the parents will have a blast. If my daughter doesn't get the courage one day, I'm sure my son will certainly want to gross out his friends!

Fear Factor Parties

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