Halloween Costumes and Parties

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Halloween Costumes - Being Different

We all know that Halloween Costume parties are very popular, after all, it is fun to dress up. Plus I would rather have my kids home with me at a party than out on the streets Trick or Treating! It can be great fun to have everybody all dressed up playing party games and manufacture easy Halloween crafts.

All Halloween Costumes

Now comes the tough part, trying to find a fun Halloween costume that is a diminutive different. No one wants to show up in the same costume. There are definite costume themes that all the time seem to show up in duplicate. Ghosts are popular and so are vampires (this year I imagine it will be the fangless Twilight Saga vampires!). Witches are an additional one popular party costume. So how do you find a unique costume that no one else will have on?

Halloween Costumes and Parties

Vampire Costume

Even if you wear a vampire costume you can make your character a diminutive different. Wear some fake tanner and go as George Hamilton...remember he was a tanned Dracula in a movie! Find something distinctive to add to your costume to make it unique. You don't have to spend a lot of money either, you can find accessories in your house. Just give it a diminutive thought.

Funny Costumes

You can also pick one of the funny Halloween costumes that are out. I don't think many population will go as a Whoopie Cushion, a Toothbrush or a Baby in a Highchair...so any one of these would be a very unique, funny costume choice.

Couples Costumes

There are also some funny couples costume ideas for that special pair who likes to do everything together. Why not go to your party dressed as a Fork and Spoon, or a His & Her Plug & Socket Costume.

Group Costumes

The funniest group costume I ever saw was the Smurfs. everybody had on white pants, blue shirts and knit caps...and their faces were painted blue...very cute! You could also go as the whole crew of the Star Ship business wearing Star Trek costumes.

Here are some Halloween costumes you can look at and see if you don't find a good one that you like, and that is a diminutive different than whatever elses! You can find infant, kids, pet, adult and juvenile Halloween costumes online.

Halloween Costumes and Parties

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