The History of Halloween Costumes

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Halloween is such a special time of year for people of all ages. It assuredly does not matter who it is there is all the time an opportunity to have fun. Some people show it in different ways.

The first to scrutinize Halloween were the Celts sometime in 2867 B.C. The holiday was known as Samhain back then. Celts believed that deceased family and enemies rejoined the earth dressed as beasts on Samhain. As you can imagine, this produced quite a feeling of fear among the Celts, particularly the children. It is opinion that this is where the tradition of dressing up as something unlike yourself began.

All Halloween Costumes

Many people dress up in Halloween costumes or put on make up to alter their appearance. It can be as easy as wearing a hat that you would not normally wear. Some people will go to the other greatest though and totally alter all about them. This means wearing makeup or masks that convert the color, texture and thickness of their skin. This could also mean wearing very extravagant clothing or costumes to fit the part of the character they want to portray.

The History of Halloween Costumes

Others will take it to a different level and decorate their homes with Halloween themed pictures, placards, signs, lights, skeletons, mummies, and vampires. It is also pretty coarse to purchase a smoke machine to create a confident mystical ambiance when trick-or-treaters or party guests coming the house and enter their home. Big cob webs and engaging red glistening blood splatters and puddles add an especially great touch to the whole scene.

Mothers also love Halloween because it is such great time to shower their babies, children, and pets with love. The love is shown straight through cute, comical halloween costumes that are either handmade or store bought. either way, many pictures are taken as well during these fun times to make sure all is documented for later on in life.

Halloween is normally a wonderful neighborhood bonding opportunity as well. There are not many other times in the year where it is perfectly appropriate to coming your neighbors houses at dusk, ring their door bells and say hello by yelling "Trick or Treat". Even more strange about the whole caress is that you do this for almost your whole neighborhood, or as many houses are occupied at the occasion and answering their doors.

Although every person would like Halloween to be a safe and joyous time of year, it is not necessarily all the time that way. There are a few things that every person should be aware of either child, adult, or elderly. First, children have to be on the watch out for other kids who take the opportunity to reek havoc on this unconventional day. They will often straight through eggs at other children. Sometimes they are just plain eggs, but sometime they are rotten eggs or even worse eggs filled with Nair hair remover. Parents have to worry about candy that is not safe getting into their children's candy sacks. Every year there are stories of kids receiving candy with poison on it or even apples with razor blades inside. Very macabre indeed. Elderly should also be on the look out themselves. Right around this time of year, many parts of the United States and Canada have trees that are losing their leaves as fall approaches winter. These leaves can get very slick as they get wet and begin to decompose slightly, and therefore elderly folks should be more aware of the steps they are taking out on the street.

The History of Halloween Costumes

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