Halloween Costumes for All

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It is never easy to find a Halloween costume which is original and which can impress the others however, habitancy have started being more and more creative, which leads us to parties where we see a lot of crazy habitancy with crazy ideas. The thing is that you are allowed to be as crazy as you want on Halloween, so you should also find a Halloween costume for your tastes, no matter how crazy it may sound or look like. Here are some things to help you out if you aren't very creative with this stuff.

You can pick the pimp and prostitute thing. This is in fact a classical theme. These two costumes can prove everybody that you are a very funny person. Your friend can dress up as your pimp and you can be the prostitute, but you can in fact switch the roles. Of course, your friend has to agree with this. This way, the others will be even more shocked. Your pimp needs a leather jacket or a very sharp and shiny suit jacket. These are to be combined with an intense-coloured shirt, preferably made of silk or satin. You should wear the shirt in a safe bet way, this meaning that you are not allowed to close up the first two or three buttons. Just add a few more chains and a lot of gel in your hair so that it looks as if you haven't washed your hair for a week and you've got yourself the exquisite pimp costume for Halloween.

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If you want to be the hooker, you need a lot of tight and coloured clothes. You should go for a very short skirt and a short top with no braces or with thin ones, for a pair of high-heeled shoes and for a very indiscreet make-up. We suggest that you have your hair done in the fluffiest way and that you wear those special stockings you keep for special occasions. The thing is that the others have to see as much of them as possible. These being said, you are ready to trick-or-treat!

Halloween Costumes for All
Halloween Costumes for All

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